Sony’s Mysterious New Game Has Strangest Title Ever


On March 19th 2009, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. filed for the trademark ‘Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!‘.  That is “Badman!” not batman, so don’t expect a new game featuring the Dark Knight.

Obviously this is only a trademark filing at the moment, but who knows what this could turn into.  Any game with a title comical as that, at least deserves a look.

The trademark covers “video game software, software for computer games, optical disc recorded video game software, optical disc recorded computer software, and optical disc recorded game programs for hand-held typed electronic games with liquid crystal display“.  So that means it could be for the PS3, or the PSP.

Nothing at all is known at this time since the trademark filing is so new, but we are definitely going to keep our eyes peeled for more information about this one.