Home Clubs and Events, Oh My!

April 7, 2009Written by Michael Gruver

Have you always wanted to join a club in Home, but just never knew what types of clubs you could join? Well fear no more. CAM11, over on the European Home Forums, has started a thread that lists Home Clubs, as well as some of the events these clubs have started doing. After the jump are some examples and a link to access the full list.

Clubhouse: MVP Club

Clubhouse leader: Vikki

Clubhouse Events: Monday Night is Quiz Night

Event Description: Test your knowledge in Home Quiz at the MVP Club, answer as many question as fast as you can and the person with the highest score wins. Every Monday Night at 8:00pm.

Clubhouse: CAM11

Clubhouse Leader: CAM11

Clubhouse Events: Easter Event

Event Description: Celebrate Easter with fun and games at our Easter Event, on Saturday 11th April at 8:00pm, requests accepted after 7:30pm.