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Gamefly Slams USPS for Poor Service

April 25, 2009Written by Draisey


Due to numerous issues, GameFly, an online videogame rental service, has filed a formal complaint against the United States Postal Service. USPS has a manual inspection process to avoid breaking discs that are included within Netflix and Blockbuster mail-in slips, and this is what has GameFly so upset. The complaint accuses the government mail service of handing out special treatment to Blockbuster and Netflix, while denying identical services for Gamefly. 

The reason GameFly has decided to push harder on this issue is because Blockbuster recently decided to rent out games through their mail-in service. Gamefly claims that Blockbuster has “a substantial cost advantage” because of this. Roughly 1% of all GameFly discs break in transit due to USPS’s business practices, which adds up quick. With each game disc retailing for $50~60, broken disc replacements can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars every day.

There’s also a theft problem from within USPS.,  So far, 19 USPS employees have been arrested for stealing GameFly discs in transit. But that’s probably being saved for a later complaint.