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GameFly Acquired by Distributor Alliance Entertainment; Still Operates Independently

GameFly, the popular game rental by mail service in the United States, is now under new management. Music and film distributor Alliance Entertainment has acquired the company, though the service will continue to function independently. Alliance’s Co-Owner and CEO Jeff Walker will assume the same positions at GameFly.

According to Walker, Alliance counts as the most massive media distributor in the county. The plan is to take that expertise, combined with that of GameFly’s, to pursue new possibilities that were previously unattainable. In a statement about the acquisition, Walker explained the following,

We’re intensely focused on listening to what our customers are telling us, and then finding ways to give them what they are asking for. Alliance is the largest distributor of physical media in the US, and we’re using our expertise with GameFly’s nearly 20 years of experience in subscription game rentals to imagine new offerings that previously were not doable.

As one would expected, changes are coming to the rental service as a result of the acquisition. For one, a GameFly representative spoke with about layoffs, noting that “there were a handful of positions eliminated after the close, but no more are planned.” GameFly subscriptions are to undergo change in the months ahead, too. However, as of writing, what the changes may entail remain unspecified.

But Alliance has voiced an interest in broadening the inventory of titles that GameFly rents to its subscribers. The distributor also aims to allow customers to purchase new accessories, collectibles, games, hardware, and films through the service. If and when this will all begin to come to fruition presently remains to be seen.

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