Madden Decides to Share the Curse


The Madden Curse occurs every year to the (un)fortunate football player that graces the cover. Some players have been injured and lost an entire year of their careers due to it. Brett Favre seemed to get by pretty well last year. He was hurt, but didn’t miss a game. Of course, missing the playoffs and playing for the Jets have been considered curses in some parts of the nation. When you consider the possible consequences of being the Madden cover athlete, who would want that honor?

Two players,  Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald, have been chosen to grace this year’s cover, which means there’s apparently enough curse to go around.  Having two Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl contenders on the cover is a nice change of pace. Since the cover athletes normally hint at new additions to the gameplay, can we expect this installment placing a greater emphasis on safeties and wide receivers? Make sure to check back for more updates.