NCAA Football 14 sequel EA Sports College Football
(Photo Credit: EA Sports)

EA Sports College Football Update Given by CEO

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, gave an update on the development status of EA Sports College Football during the company’s Q1 2024 earnings call. According to Wilson, the development team has done an “incredible job” and several teams already signed up to be a part of this upcoming college football game.

EA Sports College Football has made “incredible progress”

In February 2021, EA announced its decision to revive its college football game series with a new installment on next-gen consoles a decade after the last entry in the franchise, NCAA Football 14. While the upcoming EA Sports College Football doesn’t have an official release date yet, Daryl Holt, EA Sports’ vice president and general manager, warned that this game wouldn’t release before the summer of 2024 at the earliest due to the massive size of this new project. 

One year before the supposed release date of EA Sports College Football, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson reassured the publisher’s execs and the general public of the development status of this upcoming sports game. Wilson declared that the development team has “made some incredible progress” and that the “gameplay is really coming together, and really capturing all the action of pageantry, and the difference in college football versus the NFL.” The CEO stated that he is confident in what his team is doing and that he believes EA Sports College Football could define the future of this franchise.

Regarding the teams featured in this upcoming college football game, Wilson mentioned that “many if not most of the schools licensed” already joined EA’s licensing platform, guaranteeing players that they will be able to play with their favorite college football teams. The company is still working with key third-party partners to add college athletes to the game following a call to boycott EA Sports College Football over allegations of low pay for the athletes featured in this game. On top of adding real-life teams and players, Wilson mentioned EA’s intention to highlight inclusion within its college football game, with no further details related to the company’s plans on this matter.

EA Sports College Football is set to become a competitor to the Madden NFL series, offering football enthusiasts a new way to enjoy their favorite sport.