Clues Emerge on Next Grand Theft Auto

April 29, 2009Written by Draisey


PSLS has obtained some new clues as to where the next GTA title will take place. Take this as a rumor, but there’s some suspicious happenings that have lead us to the following conclusion:

The next GTA will revisit San Andreas.

We also expect Niko Bellic  to make a triumphant return. Though it’d be more realistic for the title to have a new main character, it’s not uncommon for GTA characters to reappear, such as Ken Rosenburg. The first piece of evidence is from the Rockstar Social Club, which has this photo of an airplane ticket stub. 

gta-v-clue-01If you look carefully, it has Niko Bellic’s name, and the flight is from Liberty City to San Andreas. If you’ve played through GTA IV, you may also remember a mission where Niko protects a drug shipment that’s on its way to San Andreas.

Rockstar has also released a game that may help with a current-gen reimagining of San Andreas, which is based on the state of California. Midnight Club: LA. With development costs so high, it would make sense for them to re-use at least some assets from their racing title in order to cut down on dev time. 


 E3 is just around the corner, so we’ll keep you up to date on any GTA news.