Is Guerrilla Games M.I.A. at E3?

May 9, 2009Written by Dan Massi


It looks as if Guerrilla Games isn’t going to have any presence at this year’s E3. According to a couple of Killzone MVPs, the company may not make an appearance.

Killzone VIP Ziggypanda

“I’m pretty sure that Seb said GG won’t be attending E3 this year.”

“Killzone VIP” Dubbedinenglish

“I asked the Mutha in another thread he replied a no comment…So we’ll have to wait and see.”

An appearance by Guerrilla Games at E3 2009 is anyone’s guess, but just for the fun of it, what would you like to see from GG if they are going? A new IP, or something new in the Killzone franchise? Post your comments below.