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Financial Strife Forces EA to Reconsider PC Support

May 10, 2009Written by Draisey

EA Poor PerformanceYou may remember a while back how EA snubbed the PC Platform and decided to stick with consoles due to low sales. Well, after owning up to a huge fiscal loss in 2008, it looks like EA has decided to rethink that strategy.

EA’s CEO, John Riccitello, is now praising PC as a “gaming platform for the future.” And the company’s CFO, Eric Brown, is even more exhuberant:

“The way we look at a lot what’s happening in the future is, we’ve got probably a billion PCs out there in the world. Very rapidly the PC is becoming the largest gaming platform in the world, just not in a packaged-good product.”

After publishers such as EA took a dump on the PC gaming market with inflammatory statements, such as the demise of PC as a suitable gaming platform, it’s ironic that the PC is suddenly being looked upon as the savior for EA’s profitability.