MotorStorm PR adds “Mini-Trophies”


The second update to Holiday 2008’s sleeper hit, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, was released yesterday and includes a new achievement system.

This update adds a new achievement system that other fellow MotorStorm players can view online called “Microbadges.” 40 new Microbadges were included in the update to add replay value to this genre-defining off-road racer. On top of this addition, several gameplay fixes were factored in to improve the MotorStorm experience for hardcore fans. Here’s the full list of changes and additions from the official site:

  • 40 unique Microbadges for every player to collect.

    Earn them for a wide variety of accomplishments and show them off to every other racer online!
  • Sugar Rush short-cut removed.

    The short-cut to the left of the “keep right” arrows going into the sugar field was not intentionally included and has been removed.
  • Sugar Rush respawn point fixed.

    Crashing at a certain point on the track no longer respawns the vehicle in a generous position.
  • Additional fixes and improvements to gameplay.