Heavy Rain Uses All of the Cell’s SPUs

May 15, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


In a recent interview NowGamer spoke candidly with Qauntic Dream’s David Cage about their upcoming PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain.  When he was asked about Heavy Rain being possible on the Xbox 360, he had some interesting replies…

I think this game can only be done on Playstation 3, We used all the SPUs.

I think to do the visuals, and all the stuff we’re doing would be too difficult [on the 360]. There are amazing physics there, and stuff with crowds that you just couldn’t really get.

No release date has been announced for Heavy Rain, but it is due out this year and is one of the games we are most excited for.  Expect more information to come ‘pouring’ starting May 22, when the pre-E3 event embargo lifts.