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Innovative FPS ‘The Crossing’ Gets Canned

May 18, 2009Written by Dan Massi


This just in! The Crossing has been put on hold. Of course, that usually means it’s been, well, canned. The game, which blended both single player and multiplayer into one component, was being made by Arkane Studios. It was detailed as having real human opponents as enemies in the single player mode.

The reason for the title being put on hold was because of financial reasons. “We ran into an unexpected financial challenge some months ago and we had to put The Crossing on hold”, Raphael Colantonio (CEO and creative director of Arkane Games) explained. It also came from the recent EA layoffs, as EA (along with Valve) were helping with publishing the game.

Because of these layoffs, EA had to make some cutbacks, and The Crossing was one of the games that was tossed to the wayside. It’s unfortunate to see a title with so much potential to be cut like that. The idea of combining both single player and multiplayer together is a riveting concept, one that could’ve had a signficant impact on the game industry.

Post in the comments section below if you would have liked to see the game, or if you really couldn’t care less. We would like to see your opinions on this.