Final Fantasy XIII Release in Doubt

May 20, 2009Written by Dan Massi


The release of Final Fantasy XIII has always been a mystery. We’ve seen dates such as Winter 2009, April 2010, and even beyond that. But the level of agony over the release date increased significantly after this statement came out regarding whether or not FF XIII would release within this fiscal year:

“God knows. … Is the truth (laughs). I’ll try!”

And yes, that was directly from a Square Enix representative at a financial meeting with the Japanese press. Definitely not a good sign for Western gamers. The Japanese release date is currently in the air; our only confirmation is that it’s releasing  in Japan in Winter 2009. Gamers in the West may not see FF XIII until after April 2010, if that.

Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle, as we’ll keep you posted on the latest Final Fantasy XIII news.