New Details Slip on Heavy Rain

May 21, 2009Written by Kyle P.

Although none of the information has been confirmed by either Quantic Theory or Sony, new details have emerged regarding Heavy Rain.

First and foremost, there won’t be one single playable character. Apparently, players will have the ability to “use several characters”. Every decision that you make with each of the characters subtly alters the game’s interwoven storyline. In fact, some of these decisions can even alter the game’s conclusion.

Another interesting aspect is the variable game length. During different segments of the game, the storyline will present players with different scenarios, and each decision will drastically alter the story length. Actually, the game will tell players which scenario will shorten the storyline. The storyline length will vary from person to person.


As reported, 4 hours of gameplay can be achieved by novice players, and up to 12 hours for more advanced players. Also, if your character dies, the story continues. This is probably old news to many of us, but this is a remarkable achievement. With your characters unfortunate death, the games storyline will continue along an altered path.

Once again, we have no confirmation of any of this information. However, with the information we have recieved so far, these gameplay facets seem to fit in. With Heavy Rain appearing at this year’s E3, be sure to stay tuned with PlayStation LifeStyle for all of your E3 news as we report live from the event.