As FFXIII Nears Completion, Nomura Focuses On Other Projects

May 29, 2009Written by Draisey


[shal]Tetsuya Nomura[/shal], who’s famous for his work on [shal]Final Fantasy VII[/shal], is also currently involved with FF XIII and [shal]FF Versus XIII[/shal]. In the latest issue of Famitsu, Nomura gives a status update on his projects, as well as some insight into FF XIII.

The team working on [shal]FF XIII[/shal] is essentially the team that made [shal]Square[/shal]’s [shal]PS1[/shal]classic, FF VII. With the game nearing completion, Nomura has been able to spend less time on the project, for which he fulfilled design, voice recording, and marketing positions. His team has been testing out the battle system, as well as game map features such as the lighting for each town. In fact, the changes between night and day are one of the things that Nomura finds impressive about the game.


With the FF XIII team wrapping up, he’s been able to focus more on Versus XIII and [shal]Agito XIII[/shal]. Nomura says he’s preparing to release something surprising for Versus XIII, but waiting for the right moment to do so. Luckily, FF XIII will have a strong presence at [shal]E3 2009[/shal], including new images and videos. PSLS will be reporting (and recording) live from the event, so make sure to stay tuned!