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Kojima’s Site Updated Again


Kojima’s mystery site has been updated once again, but this time the timer is gone.

The site is now the official E3 2009 site. It opens with the clouds shown yesterday then pans down to a graffiti wall. On this wall there are a few things. First it says E3 Expo 2009 June 2-4, 2009 LA Convention center.

Now for the more interesting stuff. There are two posters on the wall one for the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and when selected pulls up the poster full screen.

The second poster is more of a mystery all it says is “MASK”? Who are you? When selected another screen pops up with a picture of a mask and some music playing that is all. Will this be revealed at the Sony conference? Who knows, but it does look like there is plenty of room to add more posters to that wall.

As well as the posters there is updates scrolling acrossed the bottom of the screen. So be sure to stay tuned to PSLS for any breaking news.