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Natal Likes Devo & Lacks PS3Mote Accuracy


With all the hubbub about Natal there hasn’t been much mention of the lack of real time demos.  Furthermore much of the demonstrations we have seen have not really proven the controllers alleged abilities.  Tonight on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, Natal was demonstrated before a live studio audience.  Oddly enough Jimmy and the other guys playing with the device were all dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Natal seems to have vision problems that requires the users to don prison jumpsuits.  While demonstrating Burnout, oddly the boost was never used. The beauty of the PlayStation solution for motion is it’s ability to deliver near pin-point accuracy.


Here is the best Apples to Apples comparison we could come up with from what everyone has seen.  I think you can see the stark difference between painting with “splotches” versus writing in thin air.  Also the weapon mechanics demonstrated appear near ready for prime time. Which is a stark difference to the Xbox Avatar appearing to be in convulsions when you simply lift up your foot. BAM!

This is not meant to say Natal is doomed, but Microsoft rushed the 360 out of the door, Natal may have certain undocumented features when it hits retail.  Keep in mind the non-realtime video showing off the Natal capabilities are prefaced with the caveat – “Product vision: actual features and functionality may vary.