PS3mote Update: See it in Action

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Disclaimer: The image above is a mock-up. To see the actual controller we are talking about, watch the videos at the end of the article. We also recommend you read our original report on the “PS3mote” so you fully understand what is being explained in this article.

The mysterious “PS3mote”, the Wii-mote-like PS3 controller that has been talked about numerous times over the past 2 years the PS3 has been released.  Every gamer knows the power of a controller like this.  The Nintendo Wii is the best selling console this generation, and let’s face it…  It’s because of the controller.  A controller that is so user friendly, that even grandma, and grandpa can pick it up, not be intimidated, and have a blast.  That’s the appeal, everyone has used a remote for their TV, their VCR, their DVD player.  The remote is an icon in American (and I am sure many other) culture.

This “PS3mote” has been rumored many times, in the past.  It has even had many different explanations of how it worked.  Whether it was a waggle controller, an FPS controller, or a “break apart” controller, it never was released, or shown to the public.  It has even been said that this “new” PS3 controller has made it to the hands of developers.

Even with all the different versions of this “new” PS3 controller, nothing has ever been seen or heard about it…  until now.

Back in June, we reported on a “PS3mote” that was being tested by a focus group behind closed doors.  NDA’s were signed but we had an insider willing to tell us all about the focus group, and the products being tested.  A controller was being tested for the PlayStation 3, that offered superior control to that of the Nintendo Wii’s.  The only drawback was that it involved the use of a tripod.

After all this time, still no controller has surfaced.  However something of interest has.  Back when we first broke the story of the focus group test, and the “PS3mote”, there were some details we left out.  We left it out well, because there was no evidence that such a name, company, technology, or entity existing under the name we were given.  In fact, we originally thought it may have just been a mock-up name for the “ps3mote”.

Since then, we haven’t given up our search for information on the “new” PS3 controller.  We have finally found what we believe was the technology being tested that day, by Sony.  While it appears that Sony has decided against using this technology, we wanted everyone to see what could have been…

During the focus group testing, there was a name across the top of one of the laptops, which again we thought was just a mock-up name.  The name was Sixense.  Back in June we scoured the net in search of something related to Sixense, and nothing turned up.  Well, after some serious sleuthing, we have finally found our Sixense.  If you head over to you will see the exactly what was tested that day, in the focus group.  A quick search will reveal that the site was created “21 Sep 2008 11:14:00” which explains why we couldn’t find anything on it back in June, and dismissed it as a mock-up name.

So here it is in all of it’s glory.  What could have been and still might be the “PS3mote


Sixense TrueMotion Presentation Part 1


Sixense TrueMotion Presentation Part 2


Sixense Demo Highlights


We would like to point out some similarities between what we reported on and what we now know about Sixense.

From our report:

“The “PS3mote” is said to be incredibly responsive and accurate.  When the demonstrator crouched while playing the paintball game, the character on screen did as well.”

From a report on Sixense by

“By far the most impressive part of this particular demo was when you ducked down, as your character in the game ducks down behind the wall in front of the shooting point.”

From our report:

“A demonstrator at this focus group was there showing off the “PS3motes” capabilities, along with some mini-games to play.  The mini games ranged from tennis, to fencing, to a “really really cool” paintball game. “

From a report about Sixense on

“Obviously the most awesome was the obligatory lightsaber mini-game (seriously LucasArts, talk to these guys!), but trying my hand at a quick bit of Golf, both putting and driving, Baseball, Rugby and a sort of Paintball game I honestly can’t describe how incredible the experience was.”

In our report we also talked about how this “PS3mote” needed a tripod to function… Well this link from talks about how it (Sixense TrueMotion) is “based on precise tracking relative to a base station”.

So there you have it.  We reported on the “PS3mote” back in June.  NVision08 where the Sixense was demoed publicly for the first time started August 25th 2008. was created September 21st 2008.  Anyone can see that the only way we could have known about this technology is if our “insider” was telling the truth about the focus group, that was held by PlayStation Underground earlier in 2008.

What do you think?  Could this have been the “PS3mote”?  Could we still see this technology on the PS3?  What do you think of the technology?  Would this technology work well with the PS3?  Would you play games created for this technology?

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NOTE: The image used for the article is a mockup, and not actual Sixense TrueMotion Technology, or an actual Sony PlayStation 3 Remote (PS3mote)