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Persona PSP Sounds Like a Great Deal

persona-pspThe ever popular role playing game from Atlus that made its debut on the original PlayStation, Revelations: Persona, is making a comeback on the PSP. However, the PSOne remake, named Shin Megami Tensai: Persona this time around, looks like a steal for any RPG fan.Avid fans of the Persona series will be glad to know that every copy of the game will come with a two-disk soundtrack of the game, a deal that sounds too great to pass up. On top of this, American JRPG fans will be happy to know that the ‘Snow Queen’ quest that was not available in the Japanese version of the game is coming to the US. According to Atlus:

“We are able to confirm to series fans that in addition to the all-new localization, the ‘Snow Queen’ quest, game content never before available in North America, will be included in this new release.”

Persona for the PSP will hit store shelves September 22, 2009.