Infinity Ward Promises to Deliver With Modern Warfare 2


Infinity Ward is so confident in their upcoming, sure-to-be blockbuster, Modern Warfare 2, that they used an expletive to describe it’s apparent awesomeness.

Speaking at E3, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin replied to a question posed to him, regarding the length of Modern Warfare 2, and the possibility of making the game longer than the disappointingly short Call of Duty 4.

“It’s really hard to say, because it’s not done yet, it’s not balanced yet.”

Then, Rubin took the initiative and started to talk about the development behind Modern Warfare 2.

“We don’t go into it saying we need to build a 20-hour experience or a ten-hours experience. We say, ‘What’s the best f**king experience we can possibly deliver?’

And we craft it around that.”

The hype surrounding Modern Warfare 2 is astronomically high, with analysts estimating 11.1 million units sold across all platforms within a two month time frame. So, will you be getting Modern Warfare 2?