Massive Home Update Includes Ghostbusters, SOCOM, and more!


Another massive update is hitting PlayStation Home, and it’s coming tomorrow.

This update will feature the long-awaited SOCOM space, called “SOCOM Tactical Operations Center.” This space is only part one of the two-part SOCOM hub, and the second space will follow this new one shortly.

The Tactical Operations Center is similar to the Warhawk space, in which you can plan your attack against other teams. Players will be able to choose from all the full maps of the game, and all the game modes. The space also pulls data straight from the SOCOM site, and posts stats on a regional leaderboard. Also releasing with the space is a pack of SOCOM costumes for your avatar to wear.

The second part of the update will get Ghostbusters fans excited, as the Ghostbusters apartment is finally getting released. The apartment will have three floors, and promises to be packed with virtual furniture (will also feature the Ecto-1). The apartment also includes a full Loot Stage Set, so you may film your very own Ghostbusters machinima. The Loot Stage Set will feature movie props, as well as portable blue screens.

Electronic Arts will be bringing an update to the EA SPORTS Complex, with additional racing tracks, leaderboards, racing boost shop, and poker updates (ladies can now fashion some bracelets). The Golf Pro Shop will temporarily disappear from the space, but will soon reappear and be open to the public.

Also, more game-related items will be coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, including some new Street Fighter IV stuff, and the Cole McGrath costume (which requires that you download the demo and complete it).

Finally, the Killzone 2 Visari’s Throne and the Namco Bandai Museum have been confirmed to be coming to the North American Home, just not this week. You can expect an update on when those will be hitting soon in due time.

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