PlayStation Home Update 08/27/09

August 27, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Nothing big this week, seeing as how the massive update for PlayStation Home announced at GamesCom is coming this September. This week on Home, we finally get the apartment Killzone 2 fans have been dreaming for, and some great new animated shirts.


No new spaces this week, as far as news goes. However, two new spaces are confirmed for December, which you will find in the “Coming Soon” section on the next page.


animatedshirtsANIMATED SHIRTS

PlayStation Home has received a stronger presence for animated shirts, as the application now has new shirts that have a city scrolling around your stomach. These come in a small bunch, but some new miscellaneous animated shirts are here today as well.

glowsticksGLOW STICKS

That’s right. Glow sticks are now in PlayStation Home. Your avatar will be able to carry a glow stick right in their little digital hands as of now. Players can now rest, knowing that their avatar will have a glow stick at their disposal, to wave around in the Home world.


The long awaited Visari’s Throne Room is now available in the North American Home. You’ll also be able to purchase specific furniture for the apartment. The throne room overlooks the wartorn cityscape of Helghan, and will most likely be a hit with Killzone community members.


In a surprise last minute reveal, it was announced that a new, original apartment would be coming to PlayStation Home: the Post-Apocalyptic Apartment. Also coming with the apartment is a massive slew of post-apocalyptic furniture to match. Isn’t that splendid?


Yes, a new costume is now available in the Costume store, and your avatar can dress like a nerd from now on. Show off your nerd outfit on the runway (or in the Mall, whatever), while you carry your glow stick. Now, hopefully they won’t release a jock costume.


Your favorite hero who rolls around a ball is now making his appearance in PlayStation Home. These bright, original shirts have now made it onto PlayStation Home for all the male and female avatars to go ga-ga over.

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