PlayStation Home Update 07/16/09

July 16, 2009Written by Dan Massi


This week on PlayStation Home, don’t be expecting anything “massive”, as the service will be receiving two new spaces, and some updates to previous ones. The long awaited BUZZ Space is finally making it’s appearance, after being pulled down for bugs. EA SPORTS is definitely making their mark in the Home world, launching a new Fight Night space inside the EA SPORTS COMPLEX.


buzzBUZZ! HQ

The new BUZZ! Quiz space for PlayStation Home, is unlike anything you’ve seen from the service. This new space offers a massive 64-player game of BUZZ! trivia. Questions are taken directly off of, in which you can create your own trivia questions, so you know this space will never get old!


EA SPORTS is bringing it’s award-winning franchise, Fight Night, to PlayStation Home. In this new boxing-themed night club, you’ll be able to play an interactive DJ mini game, get rewards, and many places to just sit down and relax with your Home friends. This is only phase one of the space, so expect more in the future.


Namco Bandai has now made their presence in PlayStation Home, releasing a new space. The space features both a theatre, and an arcade area.



The EA SPORTS COMPLEX has been updated with the Fight Night space. As stated above, this compelling Home space features an interactive DJ mini game, rewards, and more. And we can’t wait to see what future updates to this space will bring.


If you’re planning on purchasing Namco Museum Essentials from the PlayStation Store, then you’re sure to get some new unlockables from PlayStation Home. You’ll be able to unlock talking Dragon Spirit and Xevious: Resurrection arcade cabinets, and more.


The PlayStation Home Mall has also been updated with brand new stores. You’ll now be able to shop in Threads 2 and Cosutmes. You’ll also be able to purchase revamped furniture. The new Threads store also feature animated shirts.

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