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PlayStation 2 Still Reigns Supreme

ps2-slim-silver-cover-versionIt’s no surprise that the PlayStation 2 is selling like hotcakes with its recent price drop. But the PS2 is not only winning in terms of sales, but also gaming usage time according to the latest Nielsen data. neilson-jan-2009-console-resultsAs seen in the chart above, the PlayStation 2 received the most playtime in comparison to the other consoles, leaving the 360 in a close second. While the PlayStation 3 is lacking severly in play time, a look at the PC chart may show a good outlook for the PS3’s future.

Reigning at the top of the PC chart is World of Warcraft and Second Life, both of which are MMOs. Since the PS3 is getting quite a number of MMOs, with one being completely free, the playtime for the PS3 might be rising dramatically in the near future.