Sony to Activision: “PlayStation is Strong”


Upset over the recent Activision-related news? You shouldn’t be, because Sony certainly isn’t! Patrick Seybold, a spokesperson for the PlayStation line, had plenty to say about the future of the console (which we all know by now is looking great).

Mr. Seybold stated, rather indirectly to Activision:

“PlayStation has tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and we are seeing positive growth with more than 350 titles slated to hit across all our platforms, including many anticipated games from our publishing partners…

We enjoy healthy business relationships with and greatly value our publishing partners and are working closely with them to deliver the best entertainment experience.”

You have to agree. With multiple AAA-titles coming out in the near and distant future, a publisher as large as Activision would be moronic to miss out on millions of dollars in potential sales. Heck, Home is even taking off, with multiple new spaces coming out monthly as promised and in-Home launching steadily gaining support. Let’s be realistic here – Activision isn’t going anywhere.