Clouds Likely in the PS3’s Forecast

According to shakedown1987 on the GameTrailers forums, Sony may be in the early phases of a new PS3 feature, nicknamed, “Playstation Cloud”. A few months ago, news had broken out that Sony had patented the “Playstation Cloud” name; but nobody knew what that could mean. In many cases, huge corporations patent a plethora of names, but only a select few ever get used.

However, the user had been told that Sony has already begun training on the features of “Playstation Cloud”. Apparently, the new feature is similar to the social-media site, Facebook. This application will update, in real-time, and show all your friends your latest trophy accomplishments, avatar changes, and things of that nature.

Furthermore, it seems Sony is looking to make some features of the service public, and within the phone conversation shakedown1987 was having, Sony is actively looking for current customer service employees to moderate the public arenas.

As of now, Sony has not commented on the matter. So until then, or more concrete evidence arises, we’ll classify this as a rumor.