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Infinity Ward Finds “Magic Number” For Co-Op


It seems as though Infinity Ward, developers of the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, have found the “magic number” for co-op.

However, Robert Bowling, director of communications/community manager for Infinity Ward, warns that the co-op will not be campaign based. Instead, it’ll be called Special Ops, and it is “designed to be replayed over and over again.” He added that, “[Infinity Ward didn’t want to] ruin the story by cramming co-op into it.”

“We don’t do co-op in our story because we’re crafting a very specific experience and we don’t want to ruin that by cramming co-op into it. We take the moments that work really well with co-op, we bring them out and we put them in Special Ops.

Story’s all about pacing. Sometimes moments get toned down because they don’t fit with the pacing of the experience you’re trying to deliver. There (in Special Ops) it’s all about fun. It’s about playing over and over again, getting a better time – you’ll have a time at the end of it – it’s about challenging a friend going in on co-op and trying to beat it on veteran.”

When asked why Special Ops would only include two players, not the typical four, Bowling stated:

“Two player seemed to be the magic number for co-op. That’s when it stayed really fun and intense without becoming a clusterf**k of things. We just found that two-players was the most fun.”

Modern Warfare 2 is set for a worldwide release November 10th.