Firmware 2.80 Says No to Hackers


Firmware 2.80 wasn’t the PS Cloud rumor, but rather an update that kept the PS3 unhacked.

A recent hack, Open Remote Play, allowed you to access your PS3 through a cell phone, laptop, or desktop via Remote Play. The latest update prevents you from taking advantage of this hack. Dashhacker had this to say about the latest PS3 firmware update:

As some of you may already know, Sony has blocked Open Remote Play as of PS3 firmware v2.80, June 24th. At this time, ORP will no longer work for longer than about 30 – 60 seconds. I’ve only looked at the problem for a few minutes but it seems that they’ve “poisoned” the video stream by some means rather than changing the keys or cryptography. I’ll study what they’ve done and patch FFmpeg within the next… week? month? Not too sure how long it’ll be before I can undo Sony’s greedy brain damage. I’ll post any progress here as I muddle through it.

Sony has done everything in its power to prevent the PS3 from suffering the same fate as the PSP did due to rampant hacking. Hopefully the features made available by this hack will come to the PS3 in a future firmware update.