Serious Sam HD May Double the Fun on PSN


Although the new Serious Sam HDwill be having a XBLA and PC launch, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing a PSN release as well.

Speaking to G4, Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric revealed that the team originally wanted to do a PSN version of Serious Sam HD, alongside the XBLA and PC versions. Ribaric explained though that time constraints were holding the PSN version back:

“[We] couldn’t get additional financing to support [the] extra development time needed. It was either to do PSN by the same date or forget about it.”

Fortunately, the team has not ruled out a PSN version for the future. Ribaric has heard from other developers that consumers are disenchanted with late ports. Be that as it may, Ribaric still wants to hear what PS3 owners think.

What do you think? Would you like to see Serious Sam HD on PSN? Post your comments below!