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Square Enix Erases Eidos Publishing Label


Near the end of April, [shal]Eidos[/shal] Interactive officially became a subsidiary of Japanese publishing giant Square Enix. Despite owning one of the top gaming IPs through the Tomb Raider series, Eidos had to fold due to a tough economic situation and was sold for a mere $136 million. And today, one more step was taken to fully integrate Eidos into [shal]Square Enix[/shal]’s business model.

The absorption of Eidos, and subsequent elimination of the Eidos publishing brand, has led to the formation of Square Enix Europe. Though the name has yet to be finalized, it does lay way for Square Enix’s attempt to make a large presence in the Western gaming market. Eidos’s CEO [shal]Phil Rogers[/shal] will be in charge of the European branch, while John Yamamoto will continue running the North American branch.

The restructuring is confirmed to have resulted in a number of layoffs due to redundant positions in both the European and North American branches. And only the development teams that served under Eidos will be able to keep their original names.