Media Molecule Diligently Designing New LBP Levels


This week, Media Molecule’s David Smith talked exclusively with Play Magazine. In the interview, Smith touched on such issues as motion control, the potential for a sequel to LittleBigPlanet, the development of LBP PSP, and new Media Molecule levels.

David Smith explained that the fans wanting new levels made by Media Molecule were being taken very seriously.

“The community is often requesting new levels from Mm, so this is high on our list of priorities. But we have to balance this against the value of us doing other things such as creating new creative tools or improving the community aspects of the game.”

He also explained that seeing the brilliant user-made levels online has inspired the development team.

“Seeing all the inventive and beautiful levels made by our community certainly inspires us. We are inspired to make the creation process easier for them and to make better levels that outdo the best of the community. I’m glad to say that this challenge is getting harder as the quality of the community levels improve on a daily basis.”

The full interview will be available in the next issue of Play Magazine.