Capcom Asks PS3 Owners to Wait on Marvel vs. Capcom 2


PS3 owners have waited, and finally, Capcom has announced the release date for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. However, they may not be too happy about the change.

Last week, the release date for the XBLA version of the title was announced for July 29th. Unfortunately, the PSN version will be coming two weeks later, on August 13th. It was thought before that the title would simply come mere days after the XBLA release, as this is what typically happens with multiplatform releases.

What’s interesting is that the exclusive retail package for the title that we reported a while back, had a release date of August 13th (before it was taken off of GameStop’s database). This package came with a voucher to download the game, a manual, a free one month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, and 2000 Capcom Unity points. This version of the game was priced at $20, and not available for Xbox 360.