Hideo Kojima Demystifies Pre-E3 Cryptic Messages


Hideo Kojima, in a recent interview with WorthPlaying, discussed the pre-E3 Kojima Productions teaser site that sent the internet into a frenzy.  While many had speculated as to what the meaning was behind the letters, and numbers (which flashed breifly every so often while viewing the teaser site), nothing was confirmed until now.

Hideo Kojima:

5=it is an MGS5 class game


巳=snake in Kanji



3=3 from 360 and E3

6=6 from 360

P and S=PSP and adding 3 makes it PS3

Aside from the Snake and Raiden visuals, we featured a total of 10 “symbols” and when all of these are rearranged, they form connections to the announcements that we made at E3.

The first symbols that appeared were the number “5” and the letter “S” for Snake that represented PW which, to me, is a “5” class title. “å·³” not only hints at the lowercase lettering of “E” for E3, but it is the kanji for the word “snake.” Also, the symbol that appeared at the very end is the kanji “®—¥” and represents a sunny background and the sunrise that links to Rising.

The “Rising” of “Metal Gear Solid Rising” implies “the sun rising,” “the sun shining,” and “the sun shining on Raiden” that was revealed in the visuals on the HP. In addition, “Rising” also represents how “Metal Gear Solid” will be taking the next step up.