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3D Gaming Coming to the PSP


So far, most of the talk surrounding 3D gaming has been focused around the PlayStation 3.  To much surprise, 3D gaming is coming to the PSP this holiday season…

Optical technology developer, RealView Innovations Ltd. announced today that it’s V-Screen for the PSP will be available before the Q4 Christmas shopping season.  RealView Innovations has developed an optical technology that doesn’t need software, or electronics, but rather a unique attachment that renders a fully 3D experience from the PSP.

“The innovation uses special optical components in unconventional ways, no software, electronics or headgear is required. Nonetheless, the optical results are astonishing. The video game industry is a perfect fit for our technology. The V-Screen offers consumers a tremendous leap forward in optical enhancement.”

– Eamonn Ansbro Optical Engineer and co-Executive Director

Founded in 2001, RealView Innovations Ltd. is a privately owned research & development company based in Ireland. RVI’s management team has specialized in high-volume production and optics, advanced industrial and military optics, and scientific instrumentation.

Presently, RVI’s focus is on applications in the personal entertainment and video game markets. Its technology will also be integrated into other areas including mobile phones, televisions, arcade games, ATM’s, and flight simulators. Since 2009, RealView Innovations Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RealView Manufacturing Ltd.


V-Screen 3D PSP Technology Revealed in Pictures