Activision Sways Visceral Execs from EA


Sometimes, even the the largest, most powerful companies can lose their employees to their equally powerful competitors. That happened to EA today, as it has been confirmed that two executives have left Visceral Games for Activision.

It started off as a rumor at first, that both General manager Glen Schofield and COO Michael Condrey were to leave Visceral Games. As with most rumors, they were initially brushed aside. However, an EA spokesperson has confirmed the two leavings. Schofield is known for putting out one of Visceral Games best titles, Dead Space. Condrey was known for getting his start by directing this Levi’s commercial.

It’s assumed that the two former Visceral Games employees will find their way to a new San Mateo-based studio with Activision. Currently, Activision has nothing in that particular area, and adding these two head honchos to the studio will certainly give it the jump start it needs.

It’s been rumored for quite a while that Activision has been pursuing Visceral Games talent, and it looks like their dream is coming true.