The Callisto Protocol Performance Issues

The Callisto Protocol Performance Issues Not Caused By Sony, Suggests Game Director

Rumors accusing Sony for The Callisto Protocol performance issues have been squashed by the game’s director Glen Schofield. Hoping to clear up any confusion on the matter, he sent a tweet stating that Sony only worked with Striking Distance Studios in terms of motion capture for the game and was not involved with “any additional work.”

How rumors of Sony causing The Callisto Protocol performance issues started

The source of these rumors comes from multiple places. The first is that the end credits for The Callisto Protocol, as cataloged by Resetera, lists 150 Sony employees from PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. Then the comprehensive tech review for The Callisto Protocol by Digital Foundry found that the PS5 version of the game ran better than the Xbox Series port and the “unbelievably bad” stuttering issues in the PC verseion at launch.

Put these together, and it can be easy for some to come to the conclusion that Sony had something to do with the technical issues on the other non-PlayStation platforms.

The Callisto Protocol currently has a 73 Metascore for the PC and PS5 versions of the game, and a lower 69 Metascore for the Xbox Series X version.

The recent update 1.006 has fixed various crashing issues with the game, and the developer promises to continue providing patches and hotfixes to fix the performance issues. A free update that will include hardcore mode and new game plus modes is slated to release in two months.