the callisto protocol update

The Callisto Protocol Update 1.006 Fixes Crashing Issues on Consoles

The Callisto Protocol update 1.006, which was rolled out over the weekend, fixes crashing issues on consoles. No patch notes were available at the time of the update, presumably because its release was staggered. Last night, Striking Distance Studios tweeted that the update has now been deployed on all consoles, and briefly explained what it does.

The Callisto Protocol update 1.006 details

Alongside crashing issues, the patch also improves frame rates. However, issues with ray traced reflections are still being addressed.

“There are patches live for all consoles that should fix frame rate and crash issues that some of you have reported,” wrote Striking Distance Studios. “We are aware of issues with ray-traced reflections that we are addressing. More information is coming this week.”

In a separate tweet, CEO Glen Schofield stressed once again that the development team is listening to complaints and feedback.

As previously stated, the patch does not fix the glitch that allows players to unlock the highest difficulty trophy without playing on Maximum Security so it won’t interrupt your easy Platinum run.