Rumored PS Store Content for 07/23/09


This week the PS Store update is filled with notable content.  Shatter is this week’s top pick.  Europe is getting Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders, which also may come to the US PS Store.  If it doesn’t make it to the US, you’ll still get your Final Fantasy fix, as the Dissidia demo is set for release.   We also have some really exciting DLC this week in WipEout HD Fury, and Killzone 2: Napalm and Cordite.  Trine developers Frozenbyte have said that Trine is coming before the end of July so that’s filed under rumored.  Lastly because we are getting so much Final Fantasy love this week, maybe we’ll see the long-rumored PS One Classic, Final Fantasy Tactics.

Just like last week, we are trying a new format, where we outline which region will be getting what content. We are also now giving you a preview as to what’s coming in the following weeks on PSN, which will be featured on a second page along with our rumored content.


shatter-psn Shatter [US, EU]

crystal_defenders Crystal Defenders [EU]

dissidia Final Fantasy Dissidia Demo [US]

killzone-2-dlc-image-006 Killzone DLC [US, EU]

  • Napalm and Cordite
  • Map Pack Bundle

wipeout-fury WipEout HD Fury [US, EU]

dynasty-warriors-6 Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires DLC [US, EU, HK, JP]

rock-band Rock Band DLC [US, EU]

  • Kings of Leon Track Pack
  • Rancid Track Pack
  • Rise Against Track Pack

guitar_hero_world_tour_-_logo Guitar Hero World Tour DLC [US, EU]

  • Vagrant Track Pack

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