Guide Lemmings to Trophies and DLC Soon

Like what they've done with the place?

Like what they've done with the place?

You remember the Lemmings PSN game, don’t you? Oh, it hasn’t been that long now, has it? Oh, wait a sec, maybe it has!

Lemmings was released way back in December of 2006 for the PlayStation 3, during one of its then-rare PlayStation Store updates. Heck, PlayStation LifeStyle as we all know and love did not even exist back then! But yes, this game is apparently receiving an update to bring trophies and possibly DLC (New levels/features perhaps), since the following was spotted on Cohort Studios’ website:

Cohort Studios were contracted by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to add E-Commerce and trophies to this PlayStation Network title.

You can currently nab the game off of the PS Store for a measly $5.99. This would turn Lemmings into one of the oldest PlayStation 3 games to receive trophies.