Advertiser Gets Tekken 6 to TapouT


With Comic-Con 2009 in motion, developers and publishers alike are giving their games a bigger push in the merchandising department since Comic-Con is big on swag.  On top of the usual action figures and cosplay, clothing for movies and games alike make their appearance.


Clothing and athletic brand, TapouT, has announced their new line of Tekken 6 branded t-shirts along with Namco-Bandai at Comic-Con. Not only will these shirts be available in the real world but these first five designs will also be available in Tekken 6 for character customization.

“Tekken 6 and TapouT fans share a deep-rooted passion for the mixed-martial-arts lifestyle. This partnership will bring TapouT’s signature style into the world of Tekken, giving new experiences to video game enthusiasts and MMA fans alike.”–Makoto Iwai

Since the TapouT clothing line already caters to the martial arts lifestyle, these new character customization items should fit in perfectly with the Tekken 6 universe. The real-world shirts will go on sale this September.