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Free Realms Coming to a Comic Stand Near You


Sony Online Entertainment] and WildStorm have teamed up with best-selling fantasy author J.S. Lewis to adapt the smash hit MMO, Free Realms™ (, to the comic page! This 12-issue comic book series mirrors the nonstop action of the game, offering exciting adventures, battles with vicious monsters and, of course, the allure of gorgeous fairies!

The story begins when a young boy is abducted and dragged into a darkened forest that’s teeming with twisted monsters. It’s up to a relic hunter and a pixie to save him, but their mission is cut short when a horde of troll-like creatures captures them!

On sale starting today, July 29th, look for Free Realms comic book issue #1 wherever comics are sold.


  • 32 pages
  • Color
  • $3.99 US
  • Story by J.S. Lewis
  • Art by Jon Buran and Allen Martinez
  • Colors by Bill Crabtree
  • Letters by Johnny Lowe
  • Cover by Jon Buran and Allen Martinez
  • Release Date Wed, July 29th, 2009