Netflix Streaming Coming to Sony Products


Sony has recently joined over 100 third party companies (including Microsoft’s Xbox 360) that offer streaming solutions for Netflix streaming of video content. The only question is will PS3 be left in the dust, or is Sony ready to bite..

According to Home Media Magazine, Sony will begin streaming Netflix content as soon as Fall 2009 to internet-ready Bravia HDTV’s.  Interestingly enough, John Kohler stated the following in a December 2008 interview with GamePro:

“We’ve concentrated most of our efforts on our download service, both rentals and downloads of movies and TV shows. Our efforts will continue to be there, because our customers want to own the content.”

Clearly, Sony Electronics as a whole prefer the latter, as the HDTV divison within Sony will be adding Netflix Streaming this Fall. We can see the first step being a testing ground, with other Sony products, such as standalone Blu-ray players and the PS3, being next in line.

What do you think? Are you excited at the prospect of Netflix streaming on your PS3? Or will it collect dust, along with some other unused features on the console?

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