What You May Not Know About The Beatles: Rock Band


As 09.09.09 approaches in a little over a month, I thought it would be a great idea to let people know about certain aspects regarding The Beatles Rock Band most may not know…

I work for a national electronics retailer who held video conferences last Friday in all stores, with a representative from EA hosting the event. As a writer for PSLS, I had a great opportunity to inform our readers and get some tidbits regarding The Beatles: Rock Band.

  • Rock Band 1 or 2 DLC is not supported in the Beatles Rock Band (sorry they will not be singing Paramore).
  • Rock Band Beatles DLC is incompatible with other Rock Band titles.
  • Beatles DLC will not see a weekly release; most likely bi-weekly or monthly.
  • RB Beatles will NOT be on PS2 either as a box set or standalone software.
  • SingStar Mics are supported, including the wireless ones.
  • Two box sets will be available. $250 for the Pearl Drums, Hofner Bass, Mic Stand, Mic, and game. $159 for Rock Band 2’s default instruments along with the game.
  • No additional USB hub is needed if buying The Beatles: Rock Band instruments, as the dongles are attached to a USB hub (check out the pic).