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Square Enix Posts Loss, Yet Optimistic for Future

August 8, 2009Written by Kyle P.

Developing powerhouse Square Enix has recently published their quarterly earnings report. Things are not looking to good for the Japanese publisher.

Due in large part to the acquisition of Eidos Interactive, Square Enix posted a 1,672,000,000 Yen, or $17 million loss. Overseas markets, such as Europe, North America and Asia saw a drop, accounting for only 10.7% of Square Enix’s market. These territories saw an operating loss of 1.5 billion Yen, while Square Enix’s homeland, Japan, saw a net income of 2 billion Yen.

Even so, Square Enix is optimistic for the future. They foresee a 15 billion Yen income for the upcoming fiscal year, up from 6.3 billion Yen last year. This upcoming fiscal year will see the release of Final Fantasy XIII and Batman: Arkham Asylum, both of which should solidify Square Enix’s profits.