Trophy Guide – Call Of Duty World At War: Map Pack 2


Shi No Numa - Zombie Swamp

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Dead Air (Bronze) – Must have been a wrong number.

– In the Comm Room, sitting on the desk in the right side back room is a phone off the hook.  You will here a busy signal when approaching it.  Put your reticule over the receiver and hit Square.  The phone will give a dial tone, then go silent.  Hit Square over the receiver one more time and a voice will whisper “I can hear you!”.   A Easter egg song will ensue and the trophy will pop up.

Hammer Time (Bronze) – Repair 200 window boards in a single game.

– You don’t have to get money from the repair to get this.   Save one zombie outside from any round.  While it is trying to get inside, just hold the repair button over the window.  Make sure you stay far enough on the other side of the window since they like to reach in and hit you.  Sit there for about 10 minutes and you will have repaired 200 windows and the trophy will pop up.

It’s a Trap! (Bronze) – Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.

– Follow the Big Baller strategy until you get the Doctor’s Quarters and Fishing Hut open.  You will need 3000 points to use the following strategy. While in the Fishing Hut, kill your straggler and wait for a zombie to spawn outside your window and start opening it. Now, hit the electricity in the Fishing Hut and run to the Flogger. When you hit the Flogger, there should be some Zombies hot on your tail.  Now run like hell for the Doctor’s Quarters, once you get there, hit the electricity inside the room for your last trap and the trophy.

Weapon of Minor Destruction (Bronze)  – Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke.

– You will eventually have a nuke drop when the round is almost over.  In the early rounds, let some zombies come in the windows.  They won’t drop perks if they are off the playable map.  There is about a 30 second cycle for each perk, so make sure you have one zombie left and grab it.  Be careful to not melee the zombies, since perks are almost automatically grabbed when killing a zombie this way.  It’ll be easier if you grab the rifle off the wall and pick them off with head shots until the perk drops.  It may take you a few tries to get it, but this is one of the easiest trophies to get in the DLC.

Perk-A-Holic (Bronze) – Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies.

– See Big Baller.  You should be able to get all 4 by about round 12 to 15, depending on what weapons you have.

Fertilizer Man (Bronze) – Kill 200 zombies in a single game.

– See Big Baller.

Dead-Head (Silver) – Get 150 Zombie head shots in a single game.

– See Big Baller.


Big Baller (Silver) – Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombies game.

– This trophy is by far the hardest to get for this expansion. Fortunately, you will grab just about all the other trophies en route to getting this one. You can follow the strategy here to get yourself up to Round 35 and beyond. All trophies can be achieved in single player. I find having more people just gives you less points and allows for dumb moves by your partners.

Rounds 1-3 – These are the rounds to grab some points. Shoot them in the legs for about 7 shots and let them come to the windows. Be mindful of all four windows. Once at the window, melee them to kill them. Once you start Round 3, think about getting down-stairs. It’ll start getting crazy fast, so open the gate and book it to the Mystery Box. You should have about 2K points to spend after opening the gate to take a couple stabs at the box.

The two guns you will ever need are the Wunderwaffle and the MG42.

However, it is probably going to take you a while to get it. Just stick with whatever machine guns it gives you until you get that combo. A good idea is to have some Bouncing Betty’s with you as well.

Rounds 4-10 – The room that connects the Comm Room area (Don’t open it) with the main building will be your safe haven until you get your guns and your perks. This is the room that has the stairs blocked off (Don’t open it either) and opens into the room with the mystery box. While in this room, stand facing the stairs you came down all the way down towards the end of the building outside. From here, you can pick off Zombie head shots for as many rounds as you want. Having the Thompson, PPh-Sh, Browning, or the coveted MG42 will make short work of them.

Hell Hounds will come out on either round 5, 6, or 7. After that, every 5 rounds.

Hell Hound Strategy – Once you hear the howl, get yourself into the room that is directly behind the Mystery Box. The little room that is a dead end hallway with one window. Stay crouched and at the dead end of this room and pick off the dogs as they come around the corner. If you have time, put down Betty’s outside the room before the round starts. They are good for a kill per Betty. Don’t forget to reload your weapons before grabbing the ammo box after the last hound leaves!

From Round 4 up creating a straggling Zombie is the key. Once the round is almost over, chuck a grenade at a Zombie who is coming down the stairs across the field. (From your camping spot by the inside blocked staircase) If you time it right, it will cut off their legs and greatly reduce their speed. Save that zombie and kill all the rest on the map. This will give you time to get all your perks and try your luck at the Mystery Box. The Box will move to either of the 4 outside rooms, the upstairs room, or it’s original spot. Just save your straggler and either go for guns or perks by opening the gates to the other rooms.

WARNING: Once you open a gate to one of the four rooms, 3 Zombies will spawn. Kill them anyway you like, there will always be three. When going for the Perk-A-Lot trophy, save the Comm Room door for last. You will need that dead end to camp at until you get the rest of your perks.

Once you’ve got the Wunderwaffle and MG42, and the three perks from the Storage Area, Doctors Quarters, and Fishing Hut, it’s time to move on to the Comm Room. Save your straggler and open the Comm Room door. Kill the three Zombies that spawn and go and get your last perk.

Now, if you stand facing the actual Comm room from the gate, you will see a dock that surrounds the area with an unpassable middle area with trees. On your far left and right are little huts respectfully. What you will need to do after killing your straggler is walk, not run, around this dock in a circle, counter-clockwise. Keep your Waffle at the ready, it is lighter and easier to walk with. The zombies will spawn around you. Avoid them as much as possible, but if it is inevitable, kill them with the waffle. The waffle will take out anything around you with chain lightning and saving you. After all the zombies have spawned, look behind you once you get to one of the huts. They’ll line up like ducks in a row. Head shot them with your MG42. If they get within 10 feet of you, switch back to the Waffle and keep it moving in your counter-clockwise circle again. Rinse and repeat until you hear the Hell Hounds again.

Comm Room Area Hell Hound Strategy – On the left side of the actual Comm Room when facing it, there is a little patch of dry ground. Camp here and look to the left side of the dock. The Hounds will rarely spawn in the water and will give you plenty of time to take them down as they approach. Just don’t get too close to the building since it will glitch the ammo box and you will be stuck with no ammo.

The trophy should pop around round 30. If not, just keep circling, keep your cool, and turn around to shoot them zombies in the head at the huts. Rinse and Repeat until the trophy pops up for you.

Big Brawler (Bronze) – Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires.

– You will have plenty of time to knife 10 zombies after round 5 when you get an Insta-Kill.  Don’t sweat it in the early rounds.

Soul Survivor (Silver) Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived.

– See Big Baller.


Trophy Guide – Call Of Duty World At War