Life With PlayStation Shows The World Its Heritage with Latest Update


Life With PlayStation just got a little bit more interesting, as it’s just received an update to the service. PlayStation LifeStyle has the full details as well as screenshots after the jump…

Today Life With PlayStation has received a new channel called The World Heritage Channel.  While it’s certainly nothing groundbreaking, and it’s essentially a world clock at heart, the new channel is full of class and sophistication.

Featuring gorgeous snapshots of both “natural and man-made treasures” which have been selected by UNESCO to maintain for future generations to enjoy and appreciate their beauty.  Being that these locations are located in various locations throughout the globe, it would be difficult to see them all. So courtesy of Sony’s a Digital SLR camera you can now visit the serene locations, free of charge right from the comfort of your own home.


Each location gives you a brief description, as well as a masterfully captured photograph, taken by film director Yuji Nukui.  Locations including France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, China, Japan, Thailand and more, feature 12 photographs of each site, all taken at different times of the day.  The variations of sunlight, or moonlight, offer a real glimpse into the breathtaking elegance that each of these locations has to offer.


The photos change every 2 hours, and you can use your PlayStation 3 controller to virtually traverse to each location at your will.  Alternatively you can leave the application’s newest channel in autopilot mode, where images for each location will be shown automatically.

The World Heritage Channel on Life With PlayStation might not be what the average gamer is looking for in their favorite console.  But the remarkable beauty is undeniable, and surely should be appreciated for what it is.


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