Insomniac Games Never Sleeps with New Project

August 17, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Insomniac Games has brought out a title for PlayStation 3 every year since 2006. And since Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time is coming out in 2009, what will Insomniac bring us in 2010?

Insomniac Games opened up their new studio in January of this year, and it has quickly grown to over 20 employees. They have been hard at work to showing off their latest build for their first title. Bryan Intihar, Community Manager of Insomniac Games, saw the build and was seriously impressed.

“We’re not gonna tell you what they’re working on but we can say we saw it and it’s really awesome. And those guys, even though they’re a pretty small group right now, it’s amazing what they’ve done in the time that they’ve been down there.”

James Stevenson, Community Relations Manger, was also able to see the build of the game. He had the same reaction, but revealed that the title is too early in the development cycle to be publicly shown.

“Really good first playable. A lot of fun, a lot of potential and a long ways off still.” He later commented, “It’s going to be really fun to show that game off eventually. But, even though we mentioned we’ve seen stuff now, don’t expect anything anytime soon to be revealed.”

Do you think the North Carolina branch is working on a PSN title, or a full PS3 game? Post your thoughts below!