God of War 3 Demo May Get Blu-ray Pack


Rumors, rumors, rumors. They never get old, yet always surprise and bring the hype for upcoming games. God of War III is the latest title to continue in this trend.

All PS3 owners know that God of War III is hitting shelves in March of 2010. However, a demo may be coming this year in the form of a Blu-Ray disc.

But, you ask, why a Blu-Ray disc? It’s because it’ll come packaged with the original God of War and the action-packed sequel, God of War II. This news apparently comes from one MarkPlayStation (Twitter), who broke the news on his Twitter account. According to PSX Exterme, Mark is a manager for PlayStation Mexico.

For now, simply remember to remind yourself that this is a rumor. Wait until official announcement, as PlayStation LifeStyle will have the information here right for you.