Killzone 2 DLC Nets You a Freebie

The Helghast Are Watching

Lately it seems Sony has put some major effort into PlayStation Home. Today over 100 items were added, along with 2 new apartments. To add to this plethora of new goodies, Sony is giving you Killzone 2 fans something for you to show off in PlayStation Home.

Sony has begun sending out codes for a free Killzone 2 Home T-Shirt to PSN users who have purchased either the Steel and Titanium Map Pack, or the Flash and Thunder Map Pack, as ‘a special thank you for supporting the blistering first person shooter’. The shirt features a glowing stripe pattern of the guns from KZ2.


So far the T-Shirt has only been confirmed for SCEE regions, with US accounts not yet receiving the promotion as of this writing.