God of War Collection Gets Double the Reward

September 2, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


The God of War series has been considered by many to not only reign supreme in its genre, but is also mentioned as one of the best in gaming. Only days ago, the God of War Collection was announced by Sony. Not only does the collection include both God of War 1 and 2 on a Blu-Ray, but the game has both been optimized at 720p and will include trophies.

In a recent Q&A with John Height, a director at Sony Santa Monica Studio, the God of War Collection was explained in more depth. He mentioned during the interview that the 2 games will remain the same, but apparently look so good that they haven’t bothered improving the visuals. More importantly, John Height had the following to say during the Q&A:

IGN: Speaking of that, how are Trophies being handled in the game? Are they being treated as if there are two separate games, or…

“John Hight: Yes, yes it is. We actually got the OK from our network platform guys to give us… essentially we’re getting double the amount of Trophies because we have two games on one disc.

IGN: So are there two Platinums in there?

John Hight: I haven’t looked at the final list, but I would say probably.”

So it seems that not only will there probably be double the trophies of the average PS3 game on only 1-disk, but there might also be 2 platinums. If that’s the case, the God of War Collection will become a trophy hunter’s dream considering the game will retail at $39.99.